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Ines A. Pereira


This research was made under the context of my Usability and UX Master degree. The challenge was to conduct a heuristic evaluation for Fnac’s online store, a multinational company with strong presence here at Portugal, which has stores with books, electronic products, games, and much more, and, of course, an online store.

The research was conducted by adopting a hybrid method of simultaneous heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough for specific personas objectives and related tasks within the store, which resulted in a problem prioritization matrix, containing the severity rating of each usability problem found (for each persona), and also improvement suggestions to be implemented in the near future.

A private website was created to showcase the research process and results, but because of its private state, if you want to access this website you will have to contact me so I can grant you with login credentials.

Through this research I was able to find 10 catastrophic (severe) usability problems, 25 major usability problems, 23 minor usability problems, and 8 cosmetic problems. This findings need to be confirmed in the future by at least 3 or 4 more experts and through deepen user testing, with real users consistent with the personas built and the objectives and tasks assigned.

My personal contribution for this research

Persona building

Objectives, goals and task assignment

Cognitive walkthrough (CW)

Heuristic evaluation (HE)

Priorizatization matrix of problems

Website development and design

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