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This project was born out of a challenge issued by our second semester teachers (all team members are Master’s students in Usability & UX). Instead of just repeating the traditional academic way of teaching and evaluating, abiding the syllabus and ending with the common exam, our teachers decided to join all the subjects (disciplines) and their knowledge in the making of a final project, which would serve as an assessment element for each subject.

So, the challenge was to create a gamified information system (at least a prototype) to teach Usability & UX concepts. Also, they added a few constraints:

Time: 2 months to deliver a functional prototype;

Software: mandatory use of Unity software to build the system/game

Disciplines: all disciplines should contribute and be visible in the project development, so each teacher could evaluate his own discipline independently.

Assessment: an intermediate moment of evaluation in the middle of the project’s time frame where we had to present our development so far (plans, scheduling, theoretical background, concepts, etc.) and the contribution for each discipline.

We created the first prototype of Era da UX (portuguese for UX Era). It was a great project to work on, for many reasons. First, I got in touch for the first time with Unity, and fell in love with it. Here my background as a designer and coder really helped me (Javascript rules!). Second, my team was amazing. We were creative, but also very down to earth, knowing very well how far we could go in that time frame, and our communication was very dynamic (positive conflict, remember my project culture?). Third, the teachers, who were very supportive, in all aspects, especially in helping to build the usability tests with users (protocols, scripts, methods, etc.) and for the emotional evaluation tests.

My personal contribution for the project

Plans and scheduling (project management)

Persona building

Game design and GDD writer

Game character concept, level design, story writing, reward system design, game interface concept

Storyboard (low/medium fidelity prototype)

Unity: labyrinth and props modelling, textures, lights, sound, animated interface, all scripts (Javascript) and changes after first iteration with users

Usability tests building (Think Aloud and systematic observation with performance records), execution of tests and results (statistics and graphs)

Emotional evaluation tests building (PANAS), execution and results (statistics and graphs)

Game flow assessment questionnaire building, execution and results (statistics and graphs)

Game as Learning Object assessment

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