my name is Ines Alexandrino Pereira

And I love to study people.

About me

First, the most important thing was the material world. People longed for consuming objects and products, and their social value was defined by what they could buy.

Then, the utmost importance shifted to information. People became hungry for information, particularly by information quantity. Each individual's self worth became defined by the quantity of information one could and was able to convey to others, through various means of communication.

But now we are entering a new age, the Experience Age. No more Information Age. People are seeking for personally meaningful and significant experiences. Their personal worth is now defined by the quality of the experiences they can access, live and share in real time with others.

I am part of this group of people. My mission is to combine this new social paradigm with the specific goals and interests of each company I work with.

I can be strongly practical and realistic, regarding the constraints of resources, but simultaneously never loose the scientific spirit associated with precision, validation, objectivity and impartiality. For that, I am capable of both working in the real market and research, and if any of that happens with a team, even better. Many brains equals innovation.

My project culture

Human diversity

Nature always searches for diversity, so does creativity. With an increased diversity (thinking, acting, culture) within the project team, the project will be more complete, creative and unique.

With a greater diversity also it's generated more internal conflict, so it's needed a sense of brotherhood within the team. Nobody is left alone with their problems, mutual aid is prioritized over individual job functions.

Positive human error

Human error is accepted as a learning opportunity and as a manifestation of human curiosity and scientific spirit.

A project is a scientific experiment

Plan, follow the plan, test the plan, adapt. Start over.

Look outside the box

Solutions to many problems come from unexpected ideas, products, methods, situations and people, and not just from the present but also from the past. A clear and open mind to all possibilities is a major skill to a great project.

Deadline is the Lifeline

Why is it called the "dealine", when establishing a date to finish a part of or the entire project is in fact the cornerstone that makes the project alive? I and the teams I work with call it the Lifeline.

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Life is an experiment. Check out my life timeline.


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