Ines Alexandrino Pereira


I’m Inês Alexandrino Pereira (MSc.), and over the past 17 years, I’ve worked in a range of fields, from research and design to innovation and management. Harnessing creativity, psychology, and strategic acumen, I am dedicated to providing my clients with training and consulting services that bring immense value to their businesses. I have worked closely with CPOs and CEOs of international companies across gaming, banking, and AI-based SaaS sectors.

Continuously evolving, my recent focus has been assisting companies in uncovering and realizing robust value propositions while steering them toward a future-inspired, purpose-centric mindset.

My ultimate goal is to boost the business landscape by fostering innovation and enhancing international competitiveness through training and consulting.

Some companies I’ve worked with







Case studies

UX research for globally located players, with virtual identities, and in the context of the Metaverse

How a contextual inquiry revealed that what users think they need is actually a symptom of another more pressing need

Comparative quant/qual study for banner positioning using eye-tracking + RTA

“Through a fantastic mix of hard work, process and creativity she constantly pushed us to be better every day.
On top of it Ines is amazing to work with, she leads by example and is never afraid of doing whatever needs to be done.”

— Francisco Pacheco, Co-founder and CPO at Replai

“Her way of communicating complicated research in an easy, actionable way is a rare talent. Ines’ Virtual User Research Lab has been an essential part of this journey, especially for my marketing disciple.”

— Marja Konttinen, Former Marketing Director at Decentraland, Rovio, Flare Games, Lockwood

“Aside from her role working with qualitative data, she takes into account quantitative data and works together with data scientists and analysts. She has good communication skills and she is very good in creating and delivering presentations of her results.”

— Maria Manolopoulou, PhD in Astrophysics, Senior Data Scientist at Lockwood Publishing Ltd

“She was the one, with courage and without fear of leaving her comfort zone, that made her master’s work excellent and that the jury of in her master’s dissertation defence gave her the maximum evaluation of 20. “

— Paulo Noriega, Assistant Professor at FMH – University of Lisbon